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International Freestyle Motocross federation

the worlds biggest freestyle mx 

series of all time


The IFMXF (International Freestyle Motocross Federation) is the original global governing body of Freestyle Motocross since 2000 after the emergence of Freestyle Motocross as its own defined sport after the very first FMX competition 2 years earlier in 1998 in the USA.  The most notable event series to partner with IFMXF and hosting the World Tour Championship is NIGHT of the JUMPs, which is the longest running Freestyle Motocross series since 2001.

Freestyle Motocross as an Action Sport focuses on athletic and acrobatic ability combined with the unwavering ability of athletes to perform the most gravity defying tricks as the rider jumps upwards of 80 feet into the air.  In FMX competition, every year the trick level continues to evolve, requiring the most accomplished of Judges to fairly adjudicate over the event.  IFMXF was built “by the riders, for the riders” which is at the core of Freestyle Motocross and why riders from all around the world aspire to reach the pinnacle of an IFMXF event.

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